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Lois Swann, poet and novelist, was born in New York City to Peter Riso and Edith De Rose Riso. Her early youth was spent in New York and New England. She was educated at a small, private school for girls in Westchester County and at Marquette University, where she majored in Drama. She received the Bohem Memorial Prize for Poetry and served as editor of the Marquette Journal. Scribners published her novels, The Mists of Manittoo and Torn Covenants, reprints, Avon Books. A Dutch edition of The Mists of Manittoo was published. She has since completed three works of fiction, Goshen, a literary thriller, The Painter, a literary novel, and Sippicon, a historical novel and the third book of the Dowland trilogy. Her poems from 1997 through 2010 are collected in a manuscript titled, Perfect Lover. Two poems from the m.s., will be published in Vol.II of The Great American Poetry Show 2010. Ms. Swann’s manuscripts and private papers are collected in the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University. Swann is listed in: Who’s Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, and Poets, Contemporary Authors, and International Authors and Writer’s Who’s Who. She is a member of the Authors Guild.

Selected Works

Contemporary Fiction
Lorenzo Frasca, an Italian painter, survives the perils of immigration to America, a loveless marriage to a madwoman, grinding employment, a great love and great loss, his skill his only compass. A Spanish prince discovers Lorenzo and spurs him to achieve his masterpiece.
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The clashing worlds of Colonial whites and Native tribes merge into a marriage.
"If Ms. Swann ere to weave tapestries with silk instead of words, calling them beautiful would be damning by faint praise. It is a history book, a study of cultures, a raison d’etre for romantics, a love story, and a fine novel -- a fragile work with the delicate touch of a natural writer."
--Cleveland Press

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