Lois Swann

The Painter

Inspired by a true story, The Painter plunges the reader into the life of an Italian artist, Lorenzo Frasca, who emigrates to America in the closing days of WWII. His skill, founded in Renaissance technique, sustains him through extraordinary service to his native country after Italy joins the Allies, his disastrous marriage to a madwoman, his care of her fragile daughter, grinding labor painting apartment hallways for survival, finding love and his Muse. Art itself steers him through incalculable loss and brings him to the patronage of a Spanish prince who challenges a mature Lorenzo to create his masterpiece. The story is narrated by the painter, himself, and a chance dinner companion, a free-lance curator, Luke Cosic.

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Lorenzo Frasca, an Italian painter, survives the perils of immigration to America, a loveless marriage to a madwoman, grinding employment, a great love and great loss, his skill his only compass. A Spanish prince discovers Lorenzo and spurs him to achieve his masterpiece.
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The clashing worlds of Colonial whites and Native tribes merge into a marriage.
"If Ms. Swann ere to weave tapestries with silk instead of words, calling them beautiful would be damning by faint praise. It is a history book, a study of cultures, a raison d’etre for romantics, a love story, and a fine novel -- a fragile work with the delicate touch of a natural writer."
--Cleveland Press

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