Lois Swann

Torn Covenants

Scents of sweet wood smoke ascended into the dark. Snow streamed and sank the unpeopled wild under white as strong as light. One with this backdrop, ermine darted, daring the wolf. The powder layer on the bent back of a wild rose arbor slid and dissolved at the alien sound of human voices.

“Why are you going away?” a woman asked a man.

He did not speak. His hands drew the red stroud up over their heads, creating a warm cave out of the wool blanket.

Her hands combed away the snow that had collected on his long hair. “Tell me how this journey is not a fool’s errand.”

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Contemporary Fiction
Lorenzo Frasca, an Italian painter, survives the perils of immigration to America, a loveless marriage to a madwoman, grinding employment, a great love and great loss, his skill his only compass. A Spanish prince discovers Lorenzo and spurs him to achieve his masterpiece.
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The clashing worlds of Colonial whites and Native tribes merge into a marriage.
"If Ms. Swann ere to weave tapestries with silk instead of words, calling them beautiful would be damning by faint praise. It is a history book, a study of cultures, a raison d’etre for romantics, a love story, and a fine novel -- a fragile work with the delicate touch of a natural writer."
--Cleveland Press

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